Collection: LIX - TobacNo7

If you gave up tobacco without being quite ready to part with its unique flavor, L!X Tobacco will take your tastebuds on a trip down memory lane. This product delivers all the earthiness, richness, and satisfying natural sweetness that the leaf is known for, along with 6 mg of nicotine for an experience that’s incredibly close to the real deal. 

The format of the pouches is slim, which makes them easy to conceal under your lip and use discreetly anytime and anywhere. They are also super-soft and comfortable, thanks to their soft, quality materials that won’t irritate your gums. Since the contents are 100% free from tobacco, stained teeth and bad breath won’t be a problem either!

L!X was one of the first brands to come out of Canada. It is made by L!X Innovations Inc. and is part of the company’s effort to reduce its country’s tobacco use rates to 5% by 2035.