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Each pack contains 1 disposable vape pod.

17 mL of e-Liquid. 

Available in the standard 20 mg/mL nicotine strength.


STLTH LOOP 9K Pods, skillfully crafted for convenience. These 17 mL pods offer up to 9000 puffs and feature an intuitive e-Liquid indicator seamlessly integrated with the STLTH LOOP 2 Device. This indicator keeps users informed about e-Liquid levels and allows for easy swapping of flavours. The e-Liquid levels of each pod are accurately displayed on the Device when inserted, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Featuring a vertical mesh coil, these pods not only increase absorption surface area but also intensify flavours, delivering disposable-like flavour intensity within a sustainable and cost-effective pod system. 

With a wide array of flavours available, from refreshing iced varieties to timeless classics, the STLTH LOOP 9K Pods bring back some beloved 8K PRO flavours. The matte finish and practical design of the LOOP 9K Pods not only enhance their appearance but also contribute to a comfortable vaping experience.


As a participant in the National Greening Program, every sale of STLTH products contributes to the planting of more trees with the help of Tree Canada, a national non-profit organization. 




Q: Are STLTH LOOP 9K Pods same as disposables?

A: STLTH 9K LOOP Pods share the amazing flavours of the coveted STLTH 8K PRO, one of the STLTH’s most popular products in the market. While providing the same experience as disposable, the difference lies in the cost saving of a reusable device.  

Q: If I use more than one LOOP 9K Pods with the STLTH LOOP 2 device will it display the e-Liquid level of each individual pod?

A: Yes, the cutting-edge technology inside the new STLTH LOOP 9K Pods allows them to communicate their e-Liquid levels with the LOOP 2 device once connected, providing individual and precise readings for each pod you use simultaneously. 

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